Since I started in April 2002 I have helped well over 300 people to overcome their cocaine addiction and put that dark part of their lives behind them forever. Many of  them had tried everything to stop and all but given up hope of ever beating their addictions.  Here is small selection of letters, e mails and text messages that I've received over the years from former clients.  I hope they give you confidence and inspire you to make this change yourself.

Dear Adrian,

Following conclusion of our one to one sessions together I wanted to write to you in way of a thank you and also to update you on the effect our time together has had on my life, feel free to add this to your testimonials if you wish.

When we met...
I was lost in relentless cycle of stress, anger, addiction and suffering. I would get completely lost in my thoughts creating my own personal hell and when all the stress got too much my release valve was to get high and drunk making the situation 10 times worse. It would build with completely self invented thoughts that would gradually work me up into a ball of painful emotions and physical symptoms ending up in an explosion of self destruction.

And now...
The most incredible thing is that nothing material has changed in my life, but my life has completely changed. By learning how to quieten the mind to the point where I can now voluntarily switch the thoughts off when I catch myself getting lost again I have opened myself up to joyous experience of just being. If you had told me 6 months ago that I would relish waiting for things as it would give me a chance to just sit quietly and do nothing I would have never believed you. I used to be so impatient resisting every tiny delay like it was critical. By just surrendering to now suddenly the wonder in what is begins to shine through.

The effect is profound and has affected all aspects of my life...

At work when I have a stressful busy day I look out the window between tasks and become present by noticing my breathing and seeing my surroundings without judgement or by feeling the aliveness of my inner body. This roots me in the now and stops my thoughts taking over and leading me into that old cycle of stress and suffering.

In myself I am happy, more energised and largely stress free. Of course I still get lost in thoughts I am not a Zen master just yet, but now I either just take a minute to be present or meditate or do some Tai Chi and gradually I am disconnecting the grip of the ego and the pain body. The main thing of course is however long I become lost for, an hour, a day or a week I always become aware of it eventually and its like a weight lifts from me leaving me feeling lighter and more at peace. As for the addiction it is hard now to understand why I would subject myself to such abject misery voluntarily so needless to say there no longer is an addiction. Was there even one in the first place?!

One of the best things for me is how by simply just being present effects others and the world around you. Already I am noticing more and more that life just flows and everything works just perfectly if you allow the flow to take its course. As you know I have a young son who recently turned one and my wife Zoe who we just recently found out is pregnant again. Thanks to your help in finding the true nature of life I am able to enjoy and my family to the fullest and not only that they can enjoy being with me. Just last Saturday I took Zoe to dinner and she told me she has never felt so at peace in her life and that she is completely happy with her whole life situation. This is coming from the same woman who put up a wall of resisitance when I tried to get her to read "The power of now" and the shift in her has come about simply by being in close proximity of me, amazing! Needless to say I would want nothing more for my kids to grow up in the same space of awareness which thanks to you they will.

As you know I have done a fair bit of my own reading and learning about mindfullness since we met and one thing I can confidently say is that your method of teaching is by far the most simple and direct method I know of. I continue to introduce more and more practice into my life, but the work that we have done together has made such a profound difference in my life that I could never write enough words to express mine and my family's thanks.

Please keep me updated on your projects particularly the Polstead retreat as I would live to give something back and help the cause in anyway I can. The opportunity has already arisen for me to try running the meditation group that I attend as Andy who runs it is off to India indefinitely at the end of the year so I am hoping that might give me a taste of being the teacher rather than the student, we shall see how that goes...

Thanks again and remain still.
Matt 2012

Hey Adrian
Thought i would send you a message just to thanks you for everything you did and the help you gave me.

Im still on the straight and narrow thanks to you and i really appreciate your help

how you going anyways mate

Mark 2012

Hi Adrian,

Really sorry about earlier, it’s a bit difficult to walk out of a meeting when someone is trying to buy your company! Well unless you want to negotiate I suppose.

I would never be where I am without the changes you initiated in me, I could never imagined the life that I have now. Those dark days are a distant memory. Thank you, if you ever need someone to provide a reference then feel free to use me.

P 2012

Adrian, you have enriched my world beyond measure. A heart felt thank you  - Jay 2012

Yo Adrian,

All is going well man!  Not drank in 1 year, and loving it - no cravings or addictive voices - it's gone like the phantom it was.

Have reached a serenity of mind that i've never reached before.  Answers come fast and my intellect grows - But..  I seem to lose awareness for basic things and fail to "notice" my surroundings almost akin to Derealisation and seem to be a bit clumsy with the most mundane of tasks.  Odd but I think it just means my hyper-awareness/paranoia has gone, heh.

In any case, relocating out of the stagnant noise of my old life was the key.

The project looks interesting indeed - I will take a look, thanks!!

Hope all is well with you!


Hi Adrian

Thanks for your email, I was actually going to drop you a line to give you a quick update!

I left for Switzerland in June 2010, and have since not touched a drop of alcohol - and it's been very very easy.

Thank you


hi Adrian,

no need to say thanks because i feel very strongly to say you have saved my life, that’s how strongly i feel about what we have worked on together,

i wish you could have been with me sat night when i was out with Julie with friends who still partake in the devil dust, i sat and watched them with my orange juice and lemonade and felt sad for them, at no point did i even get an urge, six months ago i would never have thought this possible, every day i feel stronger and more healthy.

i look forward to working with you ongoing and look forward to our meetings,  and by the way, your the angel in Julie and my eyes,

take care mate


ps , i think the group will be awesome and going somewhere

DC 2010

“Hi Adrian.  Sorry for drifting out of contact.  Have been meaning to e mail you for a while, but you know how these things go.  To update you on my situation; things are going very well I've not touched anything in 14 months now.  I can't say that I'm heading towards enlightenment, but  I do find the techniques that you taught me very powerful and very useful and they have become part of my day to day life. I will give you a call discuss things as I have friend who I'm hoping you can help.  One thing I must confess though: With all the money I've saved, I have splashed out on one of those watches we talked about.  I know this kind of break  the "wanting" rule but I looking at it as a cool object that i can meditate.  All the best P

PL 2010

Happily married, two bright, healthy kids, a supportive family and a successful career that gave us all we needed and more. Two houses, three cars, frequent 5-star holidays, and no debts. I was a prize-winning graduate; good at everything I did, representing my country in sport, and having published nine books. Yes, some people were jealous but the only person who really hated me, was me. So I slowly began a near-suicidal path, via alcohol, to drugs and an addiction to dangerous sex. Seven years were lost, along with the family and the material comforts. I tried counselling, hypnotism, NLP and all shades of therapy, diets, exercise, and AA meetings but the conclusion was always the same - I’d be dead pretty soon. Everyone was good at diagnosis; no-one had a cure. I didn’t care if I lived or died. The work I did with Adrian had an immediate impact. I felt glimmers of peace. Moments at first, then minutes, eventually hours and now days. I faced the fact that aged four and helpless I had watched my brother die; at ten I’d been raped. For the first time, I recognised neither event was my fault and that the self-hatred was simply inappropriate. Now, I want to live every moment I have left and I do. Adrian showed me how to be free from all the noise, the pain in my mind that leaked into my soul and dragged me down. In the last couple of years, it’s all come back to me, without effort. The relationships, just work now. There’s no poison in my veins, because there’s none in my mind, because there’s none in my soul. So, start right now - reclaim yourself.’

MB 2007
I have been an addict for the past 15 years and have tried all sorts of things to break my habits (drink and cocaine). I met Adrian and the methods shown to me at have changed my whole life, in that I now choose not to take drugs rather than struggle not to and believe me, there is a big difference. I can now feel the underlying peace that surrounds us all even if my life situation is not exactly how I want it.’

DM 2007
I remember the really beautiful atmosphere you all created at your office so well, the most safe, secure and relaxed I had ever felt. Oh and that feeling I now manage to create for myself when I stop thinking/talking and relax and be still. The gifts you gave me are never ending and not reliant upon anything except me and how I choose to live. So thank you and much love to all of you.’

JC 2007

‘With your help of Adrian I am finally living the life I always dreamed of and achieved it by waking up to the truth. After a long and tiring ten years of trying to beat my cocaine habit, I have found more peace and happiness than I could have imagined. Thank you.’

RG 2007

Ayesha had a little girl, Matilda today. The thanks and gratitude we owe you two is far beyond anything words can describe. Thank you for me helping see real life and the pleasures you receive just living it.

B.S 2007

‘After coming to my lowest point in my life not knowing where to turn, with drink and drugs making me the unhappiest I had ever been. I came across Adrian and the 6 weeks that I spent with Adrian has quite literally changed my life, I have never felt this happy since I was 18, I'm relaxed, alert, have a new job and a new girlfriend! (although that wasn't down to Adrian just the way that I feel about myself). I didn't think anything could or would change me, but this has. Give it a try I promise it will be the best thing that you ever do.’


After coming to my lowest point in my life not knowing where to turn, with drink and drugs making me the unhappiest I had ever been.  I came across Adrian and the New Choices Program. The 6 weeks that I spent with Adrian has quite literally changed my life, I have never felt this happy since I was 18, I'm relaxed, alert, have a new job and a girlfriend! (although that wasn't down to Adrian just the way that I feel about myself :O) ). I didn't think anything could or would change me, but this has. Give it a try I promise it will be the best thing that you ever do.

JC 2004

What a difference day makes and what thanks I give for the day I met Adrian .

I was a size 24, weighing in at over 18 stone, a compulsive, secretive eater, with a past that included self-harm and a failed suicide attempt. I'd become a heavy smoker, drinker and drug user, I never left the house for a weekend out without a hundred pills (ecstasy) in my pocket, at least half of which were for my own personal consumption. All my life my head tortured me with tales of how I wasn't good enough, how I would never really fit in and how all my friends, although they were nice to my face, actually were just being polite and really they didn't like me. It told me I was ugly, fat and grotesque and that I didn't deserve to be loved because after all, just look at the state of me. It told me to eat the cream cake, take the pill, drink the bottle of whisky and then once I'd done it, I was told I was disgusting, greedy and pathetic for the very same thing by the very same voice!!!!. I never questioned it, I just did as I was told and took on board all the insults and totally believed I was what it said I was and then spent my time trying to escape the pain my thoughts were causing. So, after over 25 years of listening to my head telling me I was a disgrace, not worthy and never, ever, good enough, it was such a blessed relief to find out that I didn't have to listen to it anymore, or react to it and that actually all the things it told me, were lies. Adrian showed me how to turn my head off without using food, drugs, drink or any other addictive behaviours, it was wonderful. But more importantly he let me know that I could love, trust and believe in myself after all, despite what my head said. He taught me that NOW is all we have and that it was about time I started making the most of it, I could let go of my past, I didn't need it anymore and that I didn't need to worry about the future either, because the future doesn't exist (apart from in our heads). He helped me to see that happiness doesn't come from things or circumstances, it comes from inside of us and that I didn't need a reason to feel it either, I could just be happy for no reason and I didn't have to suffer any guilt because of it. I've been living in the NOW for over a year now, I'm 5 stone lighter, I don't drink, don't take drugs, I've given up smoking, I don't even bite my nails anymore and do you know what, I feel absolutely amazing, so content, so happy and just so alive. So glad to be alive.

MP 2004

Paul's story

After trying unsuccessfully for 3 years to kick my £3,000-a-month cocaine ‘habit' – I finally came across New Choices via their web-site.

At first tying will-power, then 5 weeks in the Priory and 18 months in-and-out of A.A. / C.A meetings – nothing seemed to help me, and I would regularly re-lapse after 2-3 weeks of not using. Even the clean time I did get was a struggle….

Each relapse was worse than one before…more guilt, more pain, more remorse the next day, just the same old story again and again.

The pain and misery of the last 2 years of my cocaine using left me penniless, physically ill and mentally unstable.

A bright boy from a good home, with a good job in the City had slowly but surely become someone who couldn't be trusted, who lied continuously, who was becoming increasingly angry and violent and who had no real interest in life outside of the next ‘session'.

The solitary nature of my using (holed up in my flat with the curtains shut, completely scared and paranoid) was particularly frightening – this wasn't why I started taking coke! Didn't it used to make me confident and outgoing? What happened to me? Where's the fun now…….?

I started the programme with New Choices in August 2003, aged 28 – more in desperation than in hope, but soon saw some real changes.

For the first time in years I had some relief from my ‘washing-machine' head, some space, some peace.

Adrian taught me how to deal with the cravings, my feelings and thoughts by using some very simple techniques. By learning how to stop thinking, I suddenly was able to manage my once seemingly crazy head, and take back control of my life.

Most importantly, I actually felt happy for the first time in years….

I have worked hard at my recovery and have been helped enormously by the additional phone coaching provided by Adrian , but the rewards I have received back are immeasurable. 12 months on and I am not only still clean and happy, but I have also lost 4 stone in weight (taking me down to a healthy size!!) and have gained my life back…..

PM 2004

Everything in life is great now, happiness and inner belief has arrived. A few months ago I had no belief in myself and the world around me, the end was near. I have had many stumbling blocks which I believed at the time were a problem. These blocks were aides to my learning and progress in being in the “now”.

This programme has helped me achieve fulfilment and to appreciate the “now” and my life is as great as it has ever been.

PG 2004

I hope that if you are reading this it will give you hope because what ever you think this problem can be beaten. I thought there was no hope for me, I have been to several rehab programmes and had even had a stay in the Priory - I told work it was for depression, but the truth is I was addicted to cocaine, booze, sex, food, and anything to fill the awful emptiness inside. Nothing seemed to help. I couldn't handle the NA meetings and was using more than ever, my debts were out of control and I was about to lose my job. In a fit of madness I bought an ounce of sniff to sell and get some heavy people off my back. I ended up doing the lot. The 28 gram binge sent me mad and nearly made my heart explode. When I'd finished it I wished it had. I was in a total mess I broke down in front of my family and told them everything. My sister found New Choices web site and she took me along to the assessment, she even paid for the treatment. The assessment wasn't anything like I expected, for the first time I felt someone understood, what Adrian said made total sense. I was doing drugs to try and deal with my mind. He told me to drink a glass of water and experience it as fully as I could and then to guess my next thought. When I tried I found I had stopped thinking. Peace at last. Adrian taught me that I am more than my thoughts and showed me how to watch my thoughts and to stop torturing myself with my thinking. He taught me how to live in the now and how to sit with painful feelings and to surf cravings. Within two weeks I felt better than I can remember. It was amazing. But my ego got hold of it and I messed up a couple of weeks later, but found that I just didn't want it anymore, it made me feel awful. I have been clean for six months now, sometimes my mind still bothers me, but I'm usually able to just laugh at it. I practice what I have learned and I meditate every day and it keeps me safe and happy. I still see Adrian once a month to keep on track and I can honestly say I've never been happier. Thank you

BS 2004

Thank you, for :

Showing me the way to my garden

Teaching me how to be present

Taking away my pain

Finding love and peace

Experiencing the most incredible highs

Giving me support and guidance

Being my right hand man

Drinking coffee and coke with me

Thanks for being there and helping me on my journey to a new life

LS 2002

I was actually going to drop you a line to give you a quick update!

I left for Switzerland in June 2010, and have since not touched a drop of alcohol - and it's been very very easy.



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